firefightersuit-300x169It seems when men are little boys, they all dream of wearing a uniform. Schools are talked to by firefighters and in the mind of all children, they are the hero. They rescue cats from trees, climb ladders, and drive in big red trucks to hold a hose on blazing home, office, or store. They are are seen as cool. Perhaps that is why people choose to become a volunteer firefighter. Perhaps it is something more. Here are the main reasons grownups, both men and women, choose to take on a life of fires.


firefighter-300x300There are people out there who seek thrills and knowing that they are doing something good for the community. They may want to be a part of something more, but perhaps they may also want to pursue their other interests. They may want to be a firefighter, but prefer to have another job that makes more money. Most firefighters enjoy a certain amount of danger. They respect fire and want to prevent it from hurting others.


Beyond the fact that firefighters are heroes in the eyes of kids everywhere, there are other benefits to volunteering, especially if you do it for a little while. Even though there is no real cash involved in volunteering at your local fire department, a lot of them offer health insurance, tuition reimbursements, gas cards, life insurance, and other benefits. However, you do have to become a certified volunteer to earn these things. The benefits that each volunteer will receive may depend on various things, including how much time they have spent on duty and how much of their time was spent responding to fires. There are other situations where a volunteer may earn a small amount of money for the fires that they do help with, but all of this depends on what the department in your area offers.charactercounts-300x300


Love for the Community

Most people volunteer at their fire department as a way to be a bigger part of the community and help their neighbors and friends. Their family, both blood relations and not. It makes them feel good to be a bigger part of the world around them and perhaps makes them feel a little more in control of their surroundings.

For the Thank You

Most volunteers do it without the need for payment. They do it simply because when they help someone, that person is grateful. A lot of volunteers feel good about the job they are doing when they save a dog, help to get someone from a vehicle after an accident, or when they stop a fire from destroying everything a person owns. However, what makes it a truly great thing for them is the smile that a stranger will give them in thanks for their help. It makes it worth it to have someone they do not know give them a hug or a pat on the back in appreciation. Those are the moments that make it all worthwhile and everything else is just a bonus.

Why People Choose to Become a Volunteer Firefighter