Without firefighters and the firehouse they serve, there would be a lot more situations involving lost homes and forest fires that burn out of control. The brave souls who put on the uniform risk their lives each time they venture out to a fire, no matter how big or small the blaze may be. However, do you really know how they earn the money to keep firehouses open? It is funny that we are extremely thankful for the services that are provided by them, but we rarely consider where their money comes from. Is it based on what the government pays them or is it paid for by the city? What would happen if the funds were not there?

How Fire Houses Make Money

donationbox-255x300In some cities, the services of a firefighter are paid by the city. Some fire houses collect taxes from the citizens of that city, while others survive on donations only. In order to receive money from the government, they have to earn and receive grants. Some of these grants are easy to get, but most are not easy to meet the requirements of.

How Are Fire Fighters Paid?

The firefighters are paid only what the fire department can afford to pay. They get very little bonuses and in most cases larger cities pay more than smaller cities because there is a larger demand for people willing to fight fires. On average, though, a firefighter in a small town could make roughly $15 per hour. This is not to say that large cities have very well paid firemen. In New York some fire fighters make as little as $38000 per year, while others make $75000 or more. It depends on the funding that is available to that firehouse.

Why Funding for Fire Houses Matters

Imagine if fire fighters were not willing to fight fire? Perhaps the firehouses cannot afford to fuel the trucks or hire on fire fighters. Admittedly, there are a lot of firemen who volunteer their time, and this does help, but it still takes money coming in to fuel trucks and ensure that they run properly so that when the call comes in, there is someone qualified to handle a fire in route.SupportLocalFirefighter-300x300

If a fire house does not have funding available to maintain itself, the calls will go unanswered. More homes will be complete losses, brush fires will burn out of control, and more people may end up losing their life, not just to fire, but car accidents. That is why when you have the chance to support your local fire department, you should strongly consider helping them. It is an unfortunate fact, but one day they may be the one helping you, your friends, and your family. Without your support, the fire department in your local area may end up having to close down, which could mean help is further away when those you love are in need.

There is no business in the world that can operate without funding. We have so much riding on our fire houses. Their services and the services of those who work in it are very important to us. This means when your phone rings and your local fire department is asking for donations or you see a fire house support car wash, consider how important it is to fund that firehouse. Without them, it is hard telling where we would be.

The Importance of Funding for Fire Houses