Everyone knows that a fire truck is a cool piece of equipment. It has a ladder and a hose which work to put out fires. However, did you know that there are other tools on board as well? Do you know that each unique tool has its own purpose? It is true. Our truck’s equipment helps us to do a variety of tasks and it all can be helpful when either fighting fires or saving lives.FireEngine1-300x300

Explore the Larger Items

Of course, everyone knows that fire trucks have a few very large items. One of which is the hose that on average is 50ft long. However, there are connectors that can be used if the hose needs to be longer than 50ft. It is also very powerful and the water that comes out of the end of it is about 400 PSI. This does not sound like much, but considering the fact that the hose is between 1.5-3inches, it makes up for the lower PSI by increasing the volume of water.

When it comes to the ladder, there are two different types. One is the ground ladder which at best is going to be about 35ft long. The typical fire truck ladder height can be around 70 to 100ft, but there are longer and shorter ladders available as well.

In order to make some trucks more efficient, they may also carry tanks of water on them. This is done so that they do not have to be fighting fires in the city, so they can access more remote areas and stop fires from spreading. The amount of water depends on the type of fire truck and the job that it was designed for.

Breathe Easier

OxygenMask-300x297A lot of fire trucks carry along oxygen tanks, masks, and other things to help them the firefighter breathe easier. They may also have a lot of medical equipment available that can be used to help a person they are recusing from a fire. Even though it is not designed for breathing, there are also fire extinguishers within easy reach on a fire truck to ensure that those who are near the truck can put out an ember if one happens to come near.

Hand Tools

A firefighter has a variety of tools that they can use within easy reach that may go well beyond the typical axe that we associate with firemen who need to get into the building or a vehicle that has been in an accident. The selection of available tools will depend on whether it is a rescue fire truck or one that puts out forest fires. A rescue truck may have a jaws of life, saws, cutters, and very powerful hand tools that will allow them to get to a person who is in need of help. A truck that deals with forest fires or out of control blazes, may have a water tank on board.JawsOfLife

Some may have generators and high powered light sources on board. They may have cameras to help them see through thermal imaging. Some, if they are designed for rescues, may have dive gear as well as other water rescue equipment on the truck so they can deal with all types of emergencies.

Our truck’s equipment is as important to the job as the brave men and women who use them. There are a variety of fire truck styles, each one has their own unique job to do, and they all have tools that help them get the job done.

Our Truck’s Equipment