Each year there are people all over the world who lose their home to a fire. A fire can happen for a variety of reasons, including faulty electrical wiring, a forest fire, or a pile of leaves that gets out of control in your yard. Whatever the case, a fire is devastating to anyone affected and once it happens, it is too late to worry about fire prevention because you will have already lost everything that matters. Instead of waiting and taking a chance that your home will be next, why not learn now how to fireproof your home?SmokeDetector-300x300

Inside the Home

Inside the home, there are several things you can do to lessen the chance of a fire spreading out of control. First and foremost, it is important that you have smoke detectors throughout your home and that you check them regularly. You should also keep fire extinguishers near your stove, your fireplace, and at other locations in your home.

There are flame resistant carpets available for you to install in your home. They give you added protection so that a spark from your fireplace will be less likely to become a blaze. If you do not have the money to change out your carpets, you can sometimes purchase chemicals that you can apply around your home that make things more fire resistant.

overloadedcircit-300x225Be careful to not have too many things overloading your circuits or use lamps and other things that have a damaged power cord. If you have an overloaded circuit or a bad wire, you are increasing the chance of heat building up and causing a fire.

To decrease the chances of a small spark causing massive damage, you may also want to find a way to clear out the clutter. If you have old papers scattered in one room, piles of clothing that you never wear, etc. they can all cause a tiny ember to blaze up faster. Not only will cleaning up help to fireproof, but it will also eliminate hiding spots that may encourage bugs.

Check your dryer. Dryer vents are a very common household fire starter. Lint is very flammable and if you do not take care to clean out your dryer vents, heat can build up and set off a spark. Once the lint in burning, it will burn hot and quickly. If you have dryer lint on the floor or sitting on your dryer, you are adding more fuel to the blaze and within seconds things can get out of control.

Outside Fireproofing

When outside of your home, try to eliminate a lot of clutter as well. If you have tall grass near your home, cut it. If you have a timber pile, keep it away from your home. If you have dead limbs in your yard or a lot of leaves around your home, pick them up and dispose of them. If you feel that you need to burn them, do it on a day when there is no wind and make sure you have a water hose or a fire extinguisher nearby.carbonmonoxide-300x300

You may also apply chemicals to your home’s exterior to lessen the potential that a flame will take hold. There are also fireproof roofing materials that you can use if you have the money to upgrade your roof. Some people also say that you can lessen the potential of an outdoor fire going inside of your home by installing double pane windows throughout your home.

In the end, though, one of the best ways to prevent a fire inside of your home is to use common sense and think about the potential for a fire based on the items you have in and around your home. Your ability to see a fire hazard and fix it, will go much further than anything else that you may come up with to do.

How to Fireproof Your Home