As a firefighter, you have to be devoted to the job. We train hard, work hard, and have to be ready to react without much notice. When that alarm sounds, we have to be ready to run. Otherwise, buildings suffer more damage and lives may be at stake. This is one of the main reasons our firehouse has a select group of people that live where they work. We have game rooms and kitchens as well as bedroom areas and living spaces. We all take different days so that we can stay at the firehouse some nights and home with our families on other nights. This means, we also need a place to shower and other stuff when the job is done. That is also one of the main reasons we are putting our biggest effort, when not on the job, into our bathroom remodel in the firehouse.

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Why Bathrooms Matter

It should be fairly obvious why we choose to keep our showers and sinks updated. We like water pressure and relaxation, even if we are “living” on our job. When we are all smoke-smelling and soot-smudged, it matters, not only to ourselves, but others that we work with. The thing is, we are also choosing to put a lot of effort into our new toilets. When you have a group of people using the same bathroom in a single day, flushing after each trip to the bathroom; you need a toilet that can keep up. You also don’t want a toilet that will waste a lot of water with each flush. Especially since we are located in California, where droughts are something that must be dealt with on a daily basis. We are protectors; it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we also want to protect and conserve our world’s water supply.firefighterlife

The Search Is On for The Best Toilet

peeingfirefighterMost homeowners never really think about choosing the best toilet. If they do, it is often because they want one that flushes without a possibility of getting clogged, even when their kids put too much paper in it. At the firehouse, we aren’t that much different. We don’t want to have to be dealing with a toilet clog when that alarm sounds, screaming that it is time to get to work. We also prefer that our toilet be pressurized so that it does not stain easily, because cleaning toilets is not something we enjoy or have a lot of time to do. The most important part of our toilet search, though, is finding one that is considered a low-flow toilet. It is one that uses as little water as possible, but effectively flushes the stuff we put inside of it.

What We Have Discovered About Toilets

FirefighterDecalWe did a lot of searching and quickly discovered that TOTO toilets are the best. They offer a lot of desirable features for home, office, and firehouse toilets. Once we figured that much out, we began our search using TOTO toilets reviews. As a group, we found the one that is self-cleaning, pressurized, and uses very few gallons of water per flush. Every man and woman on our team loves using it and most of us have already purchased one for our home. We all give TOTO a thumbs up for creating a toilet that we can use to keep up with the lifestyle and bathroom usage of our firehouse.


Bathroom Remodel in The Firehouse