How to Fireproof Your Home

Each year there are people all over the world who lose their home to a fire. A fire can happen for a variety of reasons, including faulty electrical wiring, a forest fire, or a pile of leaves that gets out of control in your yard. Whatever the case, a fire is devastating to anyone affected and once it happens, it is too late to worry about fire prevention because you will have already lost everything that matters. Instead of waiting and taking a chance that your home will be next, why not learn now how to fireproof your home?SmokeDetector

Inside the Home



After 93 years of service the Presidio Fire Department has closed!!!

Although Local F-145 won the arbitration decision regarding staffing to the NFPA 1710 standard, the National Park Service has closed it’s ONLY 24/7 structural fire department in the country.

At 0730 hours on Wednesday November 10, 2010, the crew of Firefighter-Engineer Chris Kuljis (Local F-145 Secretary/Treasurer) and Firefighter-Paramedic Al Duncan (President) officially place Engine 52 and Station 52 Out-Of-Service.

Although the department has been closed, the fight is not over.  Local F-145 will appeal to the Federal Labor Relations Authority to enforce the arbitrator’s decision and require the NPS to fulfill it’s legal requirements of staffing to the NFPA 1710 standard to ensure both firefighter and civilian safety.

Additionally, Local F-145 will continue to be a watchdog of the Marin Headlands and vow to hold the NPS and GGNRA management responsible for any unecessary loss of life that may result from their irresponsible actions.

To the men and women of the former PFD, God Speed and best wishes, it was an honor to serve you!!